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My name is Kayla, also known as The Fit Writer! I help others live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but that might not mean what you think it means!

I am a firm believer in moderation, not deprivation. I also believe that mental health is just as important as physical health! You cannot pour from an empty cup if you know what I mean!

Two years ago, I was wondering how I was going to combine my passions of fitness, writing, and helping others… thus The Fit Writer was born and has been growing ever since! Not only do I publish blog posts every week, but I also host a podcast! I am also proud to be offering online services starting in 2020. I am all about helping my clients achieve their healthy lifestyle goals. I don’t see numbers, pounds, or dollar signs; I see a real human being who is working hard to live their best life! It humbles me to apart of their journey, so I use my little corner of the Internet to allow my readers and clients to be apart of mine. I am in the business of changing lives, so to me, it is personal!

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