My Favorite Health Apps

Technology can be absolutely amazing. Sometimes it can be awful. I love it, however, when it comes to health and fitness apps. I love how I no longer have to keep a notebook with me at the gym to track my workouts. I can track my quality of sleep right on my phone. I can

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Happy Wednesday, friends! Here is a fun track workout for you to finish off your regular workout with. This could also be used for a quick workout, but I recommend adding it onto the end of your own workout for maximum effect. Follow me on: Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

Realistic Self Care Tips

I get so annoyed when I see a list of self-care ideas for when someone is feeling depressed and it has things like do your hair! Take a bubble bath! Paint your nails! Clearly these people don’t struggle with depression. There is a difference between legit self care and pampering. Most people who struggle with

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I Don’t Care If My Clients “Cheat”

I will not lie to you all, I die a little inside when someone says something about a cheat meal, a cheat day, making an unhealthy food healthy by replacing the ingredients, or anything else along these lines. I’m sorry, but where in the description of “healthy lifestyle” did people see things like depriving themselves

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