Category: Mental Health

Please Stop Telling Me To Do Yoga

(And Other Things To Not Say To Someone With A Mental Illness.) Posts on this subject are posted probably every single day and thankfully we are spreading more mental health awareness, but why does it feel like people are still saying things they shouldn’t or giving unsolicited advice? I am sure that most people mean

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My Favorite Motivational Quotes

Motivation can be such a struggle, regardless of what it is you are trying to accomplish. Sometimes it can be tough to get in your workout, not eat all of the chocolate in your house, or even just get off the couch! A few things that I struggle to stay motivated with include working out

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My Experience with Anti-Depressants

I think that psychiatric drugs get a bad reputation. A lot of people don’t actually understand what they do and even more people think that taking them is “the easy way out”. Most of the people who say this have never been on one of these drugs before. I never thought of them that way,

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