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Spin 101

Fun fact: I used to instruct spin classes! To be completely honest with you, it was not my cup of tea but it gave me something to do in the small town that we live in. I was not a fan of being in front of a large group of people and my voice doesn’t

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My Pet Peeves as a Personal Trainer

I have been a certified personal trainer for nearly four years. I have worked in a gym environment, I have taught group classes, and I have trained independent clients. I have written hundreds of workouts, measured tons of waists, and poured over numerous food logs. Basically, what I am trying to say, is that I

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My Favorite Health Apps

Technology can be absolutely amazing. Sometimes it can be awful. I love it, however, when it comes to health and fitness apps. I love how I no longer have to keep a notebook with me at the gym to track my workouts. I can track my quality of sleep right on my phone. I can

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Are You Still On Track… With Your New Years Resolution?

It is almost May, people! Are you still on track with your goals for 2018? Statistics have shown that usually people will forget about their New Years Resolution a couple of months into the year. Why? The reason I hear the most is, “I just got burnt out”. Since working in the fitness industry, I

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