The Gal Behind The Blog

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, specializing in fitness nutrition and weight loss. I’ve been a personal trainer for five years now and let me tell you, it is my dream job! I love helping others change their lives. I have helped over 80 people and that number continues to grow!

I am married to my best friend and we currently live in south Florida with our German Shepherd mix Zeke and adorable cat Chaff. Other than being in the gym (whether I am training others or working out myself), I love to read, write, and go adventuring! I am also a mental health advocate and a septic shock survivor.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in English and Professional Writing. Combining my passions for fitness and writing is exactly how The Fit Writer was born!

The Story Behind The Fit Writer

The Fit Writer started as a little fitness blog back in April of 2018 as my way of combining my passion for fitness with my other passion, which is writing.

In November of 2018, I started The Fit Writer Podcast just to complement my blog. Little did I know that it would REALLY take off!

In December of 2019, I left my corporate gym job to open my own small business, offering online training. The Fit Writer is still a blog, but now I get to actively help change the lives of my readers!

Let’s work together.

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