(featured photo taken by Koshu Kunii on 5/31/2020)

Hey guys,

This is certainly a different post than I normally do but I know in my heart that the right thing to do is to make this known on my blog and throughout my business.

I’ve taken a break from posting on my blog and a lot of my social media in response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer who doesn’t even deserve to have his name mentioned. I have been absolutely appalled at this, as well as a lot of things I have seen in response.

I want to make this known: I support the Black Lives Matter movement. I believe that this country still has a racism issue, despite so many individuals believing that racism stopped after the Civil Rights Movement. To be frank, if you believe this, then you are living under a rock.

I’ve taken a step back to observe, listen, evaluate, and re-evaluate. How am I going to make a difference? How can I run my business to support equality? How can I be an ally?

It has been easy to answer these questions for myself as an individual, but challenging for my business as I am literally a one-woman show here at The Fit Writer. However, here is what I’ve come up with:

Using my platform to influence my followers to actively be anti-racist.

This is not just a “trending item” to me. I will continue this conversation in the future. I plan to educate myself, but also inspire my community to become more aware of racism, what it means to be an ally and to check their unconscious bias daily. 

I am aware that I may lose some followers for this, but if anyone knows me or has been following me for a long time, they know that I will never shy away from talking about important topics, no matter how uncomfortable. 

I believe in always doing the right thing, no matter who is with me (or against me).

Having BIPOC guests on my podcast and blog.

I have yet to have a guest blogger, but I will likely change that in the future. In addition, I plan to be more careful about who I choose to be a guest on the podcast. In looking at the few guests I’ve had on my podcast, I’ve realized that my selection has not been very diverse. This will change. 

Supporting Black-owned businesses.

Like I’ve mentioned, I am literally a one-woman show here at The Fit Writer. I do my own writing, recording, transcription, marketing, graphics… literally everything. I am committing myself, however, to supporting Black-owned businesses and giving them credit should I choose to outsource one day, which is very likely as my platform grows every day! I will always recognize those whom I hire – more than just a footnote at the bottom of a page. I am a small business owner; I know how important receiving credit and pay for hard work is. I will always do the same for other small business owners.


Lastly, I am happy to announce that I will be donating a portion of my business profits to Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM) every month. I chose BEAM because of its focus on mental and emotional health and healing for the Black community. Black people who live with mental illness are deserving of the same help that white people, myself included, have received – and the fact that they don’t receive this help and their illnesses are left untreated shatters my heart.


I encourage all of my followers, readers, listeners, and clients to dedicate themselves to actively being anti-racist and learning more about racism here in the United States. It is time to open up your mind, listen, and reflect on your own behavior, as I have been doing. Yes, it is uncomfortable, heartbreaking, and emotional. 

But it needs to be done.



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