The anti-MLM movement is on FIRE right now. It already was but then YouTuber Kylie Dennison (Kiki Chanel on YouTube) got ahold of footage of a BeachBody coaches meeting… and things are just on fire. 

I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus with my blog and podcast. I’ve been doing behind the scenes work with my program. I was drafting a blog post about my hiatus and why taking a break is good for your mental health when said video was released… and I feel the need. The need to say something, both as a professional and someone who also used to be in an MLM. I was NOT in BeachBody, but these MLMs all work the same way!

Here is the link to the full video. The video is 45-minutes long and yes, it is totally worth the watch. For those of you who would rather read, I am going to be writing little snippets from the video for you and why they are so, SO wrong. The BeachBody company should honestly be ashamed that there are coaches like this.

Setting The Scene

This is a BeachBody coach meeting with 25-30 coaches. The two main coaches are Raina, who is like the head-honcho and claims to be making 7-figures per year in her BeachBody hustle. Her side woman is Linzy. Together, they are shaming these girls for not working hard enough and encouraging them to prey on people with cancer and chronic illness. The highlights are below.

“Every single time you invite to this business, you’re gonna feel fucking weird and you’re going to feel uncomfortable and your heart is gonna want to burst out of your body … you feel that way because you believe in it and you have something to give and you have something to offer people – which isn’t SlimFast or NutriSystem or Weight Watchers or whatever bullshit is out there. That’s why you feel this way. Not because you don’t believe in it. But because you whole-heartedly do and you don’t want to be proved wrong.” – Linzy

No girl, people feel uncomfortable to spam people with invitations to do BeachBody programs because they know that a majority of the human population HATES getting these messages.

Someone who TRULY believes in what they are doing is not uncomfortable at all to talk to others about it. Take it from me, a CEO of her own business. *winks*

“The only person who can prove you wrong is you. Not anybody else.” – Linzy

Wrong again. For obvious reasons. Science tends to prove a lot of people wrong. The truth proves people wrong, too. Like the truth about how BeachBody is a scam and this team in particular targets people with cancer and chronic illnesses.

“I have come to the conclusion based on numbers, based on strong facts, based on strong results, that nobody is actually doing the work.” – Raina

Who wants to be talked to like this by their leader??? I’d walk out. If this person knew how to actually lead a team… they’d know this is not the way.

“I don’t care if your spouse supports you, I don’t care if your mom hates what you’re doing… You shouldn’t care either. This is your business.” – Raina

No, Raina, darling, this is your business and these girls are your down line. 

The reason why she is being so hard on them is because the harder THEY work, the more money SHE makes. It’s all apart of a pyramid scheme.

“I don’t want to hear excuses anymore, guys. It’s exhausting to me to have to get a message saying, well my dog was sick and I had to- I don’t care! You should have been sending invites from the fuckin’ vet.” – Raina

Again… what kind of leader tells these things to her team?! The “no excuses” mindset is so unhealthy and quite frankly, it is a bunch of crap! 

I was late to my real job once when I had to take Zeke to an emergency vet at 4 am and they didn’t shame me over it! They asked me how he was doing and if I was okay because they knew that my dog is like my child and I love him! 

“I’m this passionate because I care about your guys’ success.” – Raina

Once again, she is not “passionate” because she cares about her team’s success. She’s passionate because she cares about her own success. She has a reputation to uphold. And she needs to make that 7-figure income that she bragged about.

“It is so hard to sit here and watch people half-ass this business when it is literally the answer to your problems.” – Raina

This is another issue with these MLM companies is that no matter what problems you have – health, relationship, money, mental health, etc – they think that their business is the answer. It is not. I speak from experience on that one.

“Fast forward a year from now, where do you want to be? Are you okay being in the exact same spot or are you needing that to change? That’s what you have to ask yourself. And if you need it to change, stay on this call and let’s work… If you’re not ready and you’re already pissed off at me, get the fuck off the call. I’m over it.” – Raina

If I was on this call, I would have been like, “BYE FELICIA!”

“Start inviting people. I don’t care if you think they’d benefit from coaching, I don’t care if you think they’d benefit from a group.” – Raina

She is encouraging people to invite literally everyone, even if they wouldn’t benefit from coaching because she does NOT care about changing lives. She cares about making a profit.

“As new coaches, you really have no idea how to talk to people. You might think you do, but you don’t.” – Raina

Refer back to my point about leadership and how to NOT talk to your team.

“Save that message, by the way, and send that to every single person that keeps watching your stories. Cause they will think it’s for them.” – Linzy

In this one, Linzy is telling the girls to record a video message asking invitees, “I’m having a blast! You should do this with me!” because the personal touch (of seeing the person’s face as if they are talking to them directly) will make them “feel chosen.” But then she says to save the video message and send it to everyone so everyone feels like that.

Which takes away the whole point of “being chosen.”

Tons of people fall for this, too. They think, “oh my gosh, this amazing coach picked ME out of everyone because of my vibe and passion! I need to do this!” In reality, around fifty other people got the same message. It’s called copy and paste.

“I don’t care if you have to lie.” – Raina

What a great way to conduct business.

“Everyone is going to tell you that they don’t have enough money… Cause everyone has the money, they just got the new iPhone, that’s why they don’t have money. It’s not that they don’t have money… They’re following you on Instagram which is a free app for smart phones, so they have fucking money. It’s not like they’re at the public library following you, okay? So call them out on the bullshit.” – Linzy

One of the BIGGEST lessons to remember in sales… never, ever assume someone’s budget. Never assume that someone is rich because of the type of phone they have… never assume someone is poor because they drive an old car. Just don’t do it. You don’t know their life, their finances, and their current life situation. 

“Someone who has cancer… guys, like I don’t have cancer, but I do have chronic illness and this has helped my health. I know the FDA doesn’t claim it and I don’t care. This has helped my health significantly. Guys, this can help people and if someone has cancer, be kind. But also still invite them.” – Linzy

Raina adds on: “But here’s the thing… she has cancer and that’s why she needs to be doing this.” *goes on about how we are exposed to cancerous stuff and how the BeachBody CEO has addressed this same topic on stage* “The reason she needs this is because she has cancer. That’s what you say to people.”

YES, this part is my FAVE. Preying on people with chronic illness and cancer! I don’t even need to go into detail right here because it’s common sense why this is wrong!

“Free groups do not work. They are a waste of your time, your effort, and your energy that could be spent showing people valuable things like your workouts and your Shakeology and your nutrition plans, and all of these things and creating value. Guess what? If you’re inviting enough people, that price isn’t going to matter. So why the fuck are you offering a free group?” – Raina

This is bad business advice. I have a free group. Almost every business owner I know has a free group. This is how we build a sense of community, share our philosophy, and build value.

Side note- these “coaches” should not be giving out nutrition plans. It is outside of their scope of practice… in other words, it’s illegal.

The girls continue talking about how they were blocked by Instagram and Facebook from sending all of these invitations. 

The reason these platforms blocked them is because they were sending messages that were reported too many times as SPAM! They didn’t get blocked… their accounts were temporarily DISABLED. 

The video wraps up with Linzy mocking people who say no to these invitations and teaching the girls to mock them, too. And then Raina gives one last attempt at motivating people to sacrifice time with their families to make this business work.

A lot of people get into these types of businesses so they CAN work from home and yes, I’ll be the first to admit that it is hard and sometimes you need to sacrifice things that might not be super important.

But my best piece of advice for business owners is to never sacrifice time with your kids or close family members. You never know what the future holds. What if a family member dies and the last thing you told them was, “Sorry, I can’t, I need to send BeachBody invitations on Instagram?” You would have to live with that.

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