I won’t lie… I am so tired of starting off my blog posts talking about COVID-19. The truth is that I’ve had this Spring Spin Workout ready since before the pandemic even started! So… let’s not talk about the pandemic right now.

A lot of people use the springtime to refresh themselves, whether it is their wardrobe, house, or health. The newness of the new year has worn off by now but we have summertime to look forward to! Today’s workout has a fresh playlist that you can find on Spotify. This workout is only about thirty minutes long!

Here’s the workout:

You can find the Spotify playlist by clicking here.

If you’re unfamiliar with the spin terms I am using, you can find my Spin 101 post by clicking here.

If you do this workout, please let me know by leaving a comment or even tagging me on Instagram! I always love to see who is doing my workouts.

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