I’ve been working SUPER HARD on something lately and now I am ready to share it with the world! It is my Sensible Eating Academy, a ten-day course to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to establish your own mindful eating practice!

Why did I create this course?

In all honesty, I created it because I’m tired of health coaches telling people that they need to restrict their calories and only eat specific foods to see progress. This is simply not the case! Mindful eating takes all of the calorie counting away and teaches you how to really listen to your body and its cues to determine when and how much to eat. By being mindful and eating slowly, we are able to eat just enough without overeating and feeling awful. Mindful eating is the key to practicing moderation and having food freedom so we can enjoy life again!

I want to set people up for success and make sure they never need another calorie counting app or color-coded containers again!


What is involved?

This course is ten days long. Each day comes with a video and there are eight different attachments and worksheets throughout the course. Not only do we focus on mindful eating, but we dive into goal setting, habit development, mindset, tracking your progress, and more.

For more information, head over to my Sensible Eating Academy page here on my website! 

To enroll in the course, click here! 


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