A lot of us are at home right now because we are trying to flatten the curve and keep ourselves safe. For the past few weeks, I have been trying to figure out how we can thank our essential workers. They are literally putting their health and lives in danger to make sure we are fed, healthy, and safe. Read the line above a few times, please. Realize the gravity of it and how blessed we are to be at home while they are not. My best friend is a photographer and I noticed that she was offering these things called “Gratitude Sessions.” What the heck was this all about? Come to find out, Anastasia from Anastasia Photography came up with this idea and it has turned into a movement of photographers, and now people from other industries are joining in. Including me.
Starting today until the end of April, when you purchase my Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Program, you will also get to nominate an essential worker in your life to do the program for free.  Yes, you read that right. I know our essential workers are going to be TIRED and drained after all of this. I want to help them get their spark back. They deserve the world. We owe them big time! I know we will make it through this difficult time. We all will. This is the best way I know to show my appreciation for essential workers. They are giving me hope and restoring my faith in humanity! I hope you will join me in thanking them and showing your appreciation. If you’d like to learn a little more about my Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Program, click here!
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