I’m sure you’ve seen all of the fitness professionals, myself included, posting our at-home workouts for people who are now sheltering in place at their homes. It has recently been brought to my attention that essential people who are now busier than ever need our help and advice, too.

I posted a poll in my Facebook group asking members to vote on topics they want me to discuss in a livestream and one of my friends mentioned she is an essential employee at a pharmacy and she’s now working 12-hour shifts. This inspired me to share some advice that I have for people like her, especially since I have done shift work and have experienced some pretty crazy work hours in the past, both in my military and civilian life.

The First Thing to Remember:

Always be mindful of yourself, your body, and your energy levels. This is important because obviously if you’re exhausted and burned out, it actually might be better for you to just put your feet up and relax instead of working out.

Being in-tune with your body and really checking in with it can help you here. If you determine that you are legitimately exhausted, then don’t workout! You might benefit more from relaxing or even going to bed early.

If you do decide to workout, it doesn’t need to be anything intense. If your feet are killing you from being on the go all day, then something lower intensity would probably be best like yoga or Pilates!

Staying Fueled and Energized Through Nutrition

Another big question: how in the world do you stay fueled while having to work so much?! Obviously, you need to have a stash of quick snacks. My advice is to obviously try to make your snacks and meals as nutritious as possible, but above all make sure that you are staying fueled even if that means you need to eat something that you wouldn’t normally eat. Also, try your best to prepare your food ahead of time so you can just grab and go when you need it!

Some ideas for snacks include:

  • Protein shakes: put the powder in your shaker bottle and then fill it with water when you’re ready to consume it!
  • Smoothies: have a smoothie on your way to work or make one and put it in the fridge at work if you have one available to you.
  • Prepackaged things: mixed nuts, granola bars, protein bars, etc.
  • Prepare ahead: celery and PB, apples and PB, carrots and hummus
  • Fruit snacks aren’t a bad idea if you’re in need of a pick me up

And ALWAYS remember to hydrate! Dehydration can cause you to feel extremely fatigued, which can impact your work.

Above all, like I said before, just make sure you take care of yourself and listen to your body. Don’t workout just because everyone else is doing it. You need to do what is best for you and your wellbeing during this challenging time.

I know tons of people stand behind me when I say: thank you for what you do from the bottom of my heart!

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