If you workout at a gym, chances are you probably see the personal trainers who work there around. Perhaps you have been approached by them, trying to set up a consultation so they can work with you on your goals and try to sell you packages. And perhaps you’be agreed, or you said no because “you know what you’re doing.” Which is fine, but it might be a good idea to take them up on their offer for a free session. Why? Because working with a personal trainer is beneficial for ANYONE, not just people who are new to fitness! 

Here’s why:

Trainers specialize in all sorts of things!

For some reason, whenever I would try to book a fit appointment with someone, they would say something along the lines of, “no thanks, I don’t need to lose weight!” 

Personal trainers specialize in a lot of different things, not JUST weight loss! There are trainers who specialize in things like performance enhancement, corrective exercise, pre/postnatal fitness, senior fitness, and even youth fitness. There is so much to “specialize” in within the realm of fitness.

Personally, I DO specialize in weight loss and nutrition because I am passionate about teaching others that you can lose weight, prevent disease, and be healthy while still treating yourself. However, I am also skilled at helping people improve their muscle strength and balance, too.

So chances are, you will still learn something new.

Trainers specialize in all sorts of different things and on top of that, personal trainers all have different backgrounds. We all have different personal backgrounds as far as fitness goes! In addition to all of this, there are tons of different certification programs out there. They might all teach similar things, but there are some differences.

This all just shows how different trainers can be and their techniques vary, too. You will for sure learn something new!

Even if you decide to not purchase a personal training package, you’ve at least started a friendship with someone who can help you.

Honestly, I always recommend doing the free personal training session or consultation because at least you will start a friendship with someone who works in the gym and not just as a membership rep. Befriending a trainer is a great idea because they can show you how to use equipment, make recommendations, and check your form. The only things they won’t do if you don’t purchase training is create a workout program for you!

A personal trainer can help you define your goals and decide exactly WHY you go to the gym.

I cannot tell you guys how many times I’ve sat down with someone during a consultation and they could not tell me what their fitness goals are or even WHY they go to the gym! A trainer can ask specific questions to help you define your goals and your why. This will help you gain more clarity and also perhaps learn exactly what kind of workout program you should be doing. 

Anyone can learn something from a personal trainer, no matter what their goals are! This is why I focus on a few different aspects of health in my Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Program. It isn’t just a workout program, it also educates about nutrition and mindset! If you are interested in learning about more than just fitness, apply for my program by clicking the button below.

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