The countdown is on! One week until Thanksgiving, so here is my annual Thanksgiving workout, which also happens to be another spin workout this year. I made it this way again because last year’s workout and playlist got such a great response! Plus, people typically workout before their Thanksgiving feast to make the day a little bit healthier. Totally not judging if you don’t workout on turkey day, though, because I rarely workout on holidays like this either! 🙂

You may notice that this playlist is a bit different than my usual ones! This is full of songs taken directly from my personal workout playlist. These songs fire me up and get me excited to workout, no matter what workout I am doing! Anything marked with a capital E is an explicit song, however, so I don’t really recommend listening to this where everyone can hear your music!

Click here for the link to the playlist!

If the spin lingo on here confuses you, make sure you click here to read my Spin 101 post!

And of course if you’re not feeling up for a spin workout, you can find other free workouts I’ve created by clicking here.

Happy spinning and have a good Thanksgiving!

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