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We are in the first full week of November, which means that the holidays are quickly approaching! I know I haven’t done a monthly favorites post in quite a while, mainly because it is tough to find new products every single month to write a review about! I am a creature of habit and when I find something I really like, I typically stick with it. 

However, in the last six months or so, I have tried a few new things that I REALLY want to tell my readers about just in case you are looking for some Christmas goodies or if you just want to treat yourself. All of these items are Kayla tested and approved.

Constantly Varied Gear Leggings

When Ben from Constantly Varied Gear reached out to me asking if I could review their leggings, I was skeptical at first. I have a lot of companies reach out to me on my blog or through my social media asking me to either be an affiliate or review their products. As my readers know, I am very picky about the companies I partner with. I always research the brand and product first. 

On CVG’s website, it says on the home page “The Original Squats Approved Leggings.” I was immediately interested because we all know how important squat-proof leggings are to me! I accepted his offer and the rest is history.

I LOVE these leggings, you guys. They are the perfect workout leggings. They are comfortable and most definitely squat proof! My favorite part of CVG is that they have funky designs mixed with regular solid colors. Their prices are great for the quality and did I mention the leggings have pockets? CVG also sells workout tops, sports bras, shorts, and workout accessories. 

I was sent two different leggings, the galaxy leggings, and the tie-dye skull leggings. I never would have picked these prints for myself but I love them! They are way different than the outfits I see in the gym. These leggings are perfect for the fitness fanatic in your life! You will definitely see me rocking more CVG gear.

Neutrogena Body Clear

I never really had an issue with body acne or sweat bumps (I don’t even know what they are called, but I get them in the areas where I sweat). That is until I moved to Florida! Now I am dealing with acne and bumps on my arms, back, shoulders, and thighs. I purchased Neutrogena Body Clear in hopes that it would help me prevent future breakouts and it has been great. I always make sure to moisturize after using it though because it does tend to dry out my skin because of the salicylic acid. It also smells so fresh and clean! 

Harper + Ari Juice Cleanse

I won’t lie, I was not crazy excited about the fall FabFitFun box, but once it was delivered, I discovered a few gems! The Harper + Ari Juice Cleanse sugar cubes are one of them. They smell SO GOOD! I like the fact that they are shaped like a cube because then I don’t have to worry about taking too much product while exfoliating, too. 

Human+Kind Body Soufflé 

This is the second product in the fall FabFitFun box that I love! It is a body lotion and it’s heavenly! The scent is not strong at all plus it really helps my dry skin. I like the fact that it is cruelty-free.

If you want to try the FabFitFun box click here and use the code HARVEST10 for $10 off of your first box! 

iPhone 11 Pro

Every single time a new iPhone comes out, my husband gets it and then I am able to play around with it to decide if I want to get it, too. I was going to wait for a while for this one because I liked my iPhone X and I just wasn’t in a rush. Michael came home one day and told me that he ordered me the iPhone 11 Pro. I was really excited because we all know how much I love to take pictures! In fact, every photo in this post was taken on my new phone. The camera is amazing. The low light mode is to die for because now I can take photos of my animals at night time when the house is darker. Portrait mode is more enhanced and I can take wide-angled photos now, too! 

Other than the camera, Face I.D. is faster now and the phone holds a charge for much longer than the other iPhones, which is important to me because I use my phone for work at the gym and I run a lot of my blog and social media from my phone, too!

Amazon Echo Show

Last, but not least, another piece of technology that I’ve been enjoying the past few months is the Amazon Echo Show. I already had the Amazon Echo Dot, which has now been moved into the office. I have two of the Echo Shows: one for downstairs and one for upstairs. These devices have so many abilities, but I like to use them for alarms, timers, and to get my daily news. My husband and I often play Jeopardy on it. We get a kick out of answering the question of the day. We still haven’t figured out everything we can do with this new Alexa but we like how it connects to our home security system and we can see the doorbell camera on there!

I know this is a list of only six products, but have no fear! I will be reviewing more products and providing some more lists to give my readers some Christmas gift ideas. Stay tuned for that!

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