A new season means a new spin workout and playlist!

Last year, I posted a cool Halloween themed playlist, so I decided to not do that this year (because it would be quite unoriginal). If you are interested in THAT workout, it can be found right here!

The playlist for this workout consists of fresh songs that I cannot get enough of right now! Here is the Spotify link for this workout.

I’ve also received some messages about turning off the shuffle feature on Spotify. I can’t turn off YOUR shuffle feature and this playlist is NOT meant to be shuffled! To avoid shuffling it, just click on the first song and then make sure the shuffle icon is not green 🙂

If you look at this image and have no clue what some of these words mean, have no fear! Please click here to read my Spin 101 post and you will be good to go!

As always, enjoy this workout and make sure you tag me on Instagram if you do it!

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