As I write this post, we are sitting in our beautiful new house with a lot of our hurricane shutters closed because of the possible arrival of Hurricane Dorian. We have been paying close attention to the reports about this storm because originally, it was heading straight for us. Now, it appears to not even make landfall in Florida, but that could change in an instant!

We live in the same town that was completely destroyed by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. In fact, there has been some concern about how similar Dorian is already to Andrew. Hopefully, she is not too similar. 

With all of this said, this has been my first hurricane prep experience! I have always lived on the west coast, so living in south Florida is proving to be very different than what I am used to. 

Despite all of this, I am LOVING it.

Our home

We closed on our house before we left Tucson. We love it, but we have also been working really hard to turn it into our home. We got the keys the day that we arrived, however, we had to stay in a hotel that night because the electricity was never turned on. There was some confusion in that regard, but thankfully it was turned on the next day. It was tough to be patient, but we made it from Tucson to Florida safely and with zero incidents, so I realized that having this as our only issue meant that we were really lucky.

Once we got into our new home (with electricity), we realized that the previous owners left a huge mess for us. They ripped things out of walls without care, left trash everywhere, and clearly did not bother to clean up before they left. On top of that, they left tons of trash in the garage to include a refrigerator with food in it. Wires were dangling out of the walls, there were holes in some of the walls, and they even superglued some light fixtures to the ceiling. The closet door to the master bedroom was locked and we had to kick it in because they didn’t leave us with a key and the handle was malfunctioning, so we could not pick the lock. 

We are slowly but surely getting settled in. We love our new home! We have been making changes to it and making it OUR home.

I got a job!

As we were carrying our mattress up the stairs, I was called by a fitness manager from a local gym to interview me for a personal training position. I interviewed three days after that. Personally, I thought the interview was terrible and I didn’t think I was going to get the job but the day afterward, I received a job offer! 

While we were in Tucson, I trained at a small neighborhood gym. In Del Rio, I taught classes at a boutique studio. This gym is HUGE. It is a two-story gym and always busy. Needless to say, it has been an adjustment but I love it. Every team member who works there is awesome and has made me feel welcomed. The personal trainers I work with are great and I am already learning so much from them. 

I have only had two challenges. First, I have to do all of my own sales, which I am not used to. The great part about this? The fitness managers and master trainers have been amazing at teaching me how to sell my services. It is all about practice and I am thankful to have them guiding me! Second, Homestead is a place where a lot of the population speaks Spanish. I speak a little bit, but only enough to talk about my family, order at a restaurant, and tell someone that I speak “a little bit of Spanish.” This has caused me to lose potential clients because obviously, it would be challenging to have a client who doesn’t understand me and vice versa. I am not letting it get me down, though! 

Back on track

Now that we are settling in and I have a job at a gym (therefore a free gym membership), I can start getting back on track with my blog and my health. I can’t believe that we are quickly approaching the holiday season and therefore the end of 2019. I am ready to finish 2019 with a bang!

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