If you join a gym, chances are they will offer you personal training. There are also times when you may consider hiring a personal trainer who works independently to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

When people think of personal trainers, they often think of Jillian Michael’s from the Biggest Loser or some person who will yell at you and make you do burpees until you barf. That isn’t typically the case. At least, I personally have never yelled at my clients and I’ve only made one of them vomit but it was on accident and also partially HIS fault!

There are a lot of benefits to hiring a personal trainer that people may not realize. I don’t just say this because I am a personal trainer! Before I was ever a trainer, I had a few sessions with a trainer of my own. 

Building confidence in the gym

If you are brand new to the gym, it can be a scary place. All of those machines and dumbbells, but no clue what to do with them! We have all been there. Heck, when I was new to the gym life, I spent way too much time on cardio equipment because that is what I felt comfortable with.

A personal trainer would help you learn how to use the equipment in the gym. Even better, they will teach you how to use it properly so you don’t end up on a video of gym fails.

Personalized workouts

You can get your workouts off of the Internet or from apps, but a trainer will (or at least they should) create a workout that is 100% for you. If you have certain limitations, then they will create workouts that work around the limitations but are still effective and will help you reach your goals.


Personal trainers should make sure that you are doing your workouts safely. This means using proper form and equipment. 

I won’t lie, though, I have met some trainers in the past who were NOT safe. I’m talking like having an 80-year-old with terrible core strength doing back squats with a barbell. Scary stuff! So if you have a trainer like this and it doesn’t feel right, talk to your trainer or bring it up with management. Most trainers know what they are doing, but there are always a few of them that are clueless!

Personally, I am ALWAYS checking my client’s form. If it isn’t right, I stop them immediately and explain it again. I always have multiple explanations lined up to cue my clients, because different people respond to different things.

My personal favorite is using the “bend and snap” from Legally Blonde to explain Romanian deadlifts.

Having a cheerleader right there with you

A trainer should care about your results and health just as much as you care. If you are motivated, they will be motivated, too! They will celebrate with you when you achieve a goal or see progress. They will also develop a strategy if you don’t have any progress. 

I can confirm that it is the most exciting thing when I weigh in and measure a client, and they have lost weight or inches (if that is their goal). At the same time, I have felt defeated when a client has regressed and gone in the opposite direction. Your trainer should always be there to support you and cheer you on.

You now have a friend who cares about every aspect of your health.

This may be the most important benefit, in my opinion. As a personal trainer myself, a majority of my clients became my close friends who were extremely important to me. I trained people of all ages. Not only did they learn from me, but I learned so much from them! 

I never looked at personal training as just a job and a way to earn money. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. Health is not just physical, it is mental, spiritual, and so much more. While it was my expertise to create workouts and help my clients be physically well, I always offered my support for anything else. This typically came in the form of lending a listening ear or some advice if a client was going through a tough time. 

If you’ve got a good personal trainer, they will always be interested in YOU and your life.

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