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It is that time of the year again! The FabFitFun Summer 2019 box has come out and people are gushing over it. This is one of my favorite boxes from them and it was tough to choose my favorite products because they were all amazing!

Here are my four favorite products from the box, plus a review of the add-on I chose, which was also well worth the extra money!

Grace & Stella Rose Face Spray

Grace & Stella Rose Face Spray

As many of you know, I live in Arizona and the air is so dry here, especially during the summertime! It is easy for my skin to become dehydrated. The Grace & Stella Rose Face Spray in the summer box feels absolutely amazing on my parched skin. It’s an extra bonus that it smells floral and refreshing!

Doctor Rogers RESTORE Healing Balm

To be frank, I thought that this little tube of “healing balm” would be one of the epic flops in the summer box. Boy was I wrong! I love this stuff. No clue how it works, but I put it on my arms because I have a bad habit of picking them. I woke up the next morning and the scabs on them were no longer bright pink and angry looking. I’m a believer in this stuff now!

Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Face Mask

This face mask is bright purple. That was my first thought! It also feels amazing on your face. My skin definitely felt more hydrated and alive after I used this mask.

Within the FabFitFun community, I saw that this mask caused some people to feel a burning sensation on their skin. I was worried at first because of my sensitive skin, but I did not feel this sensation! It seems to be hit or miss within the community.

Summer & Rose Navy Diamond Tote

Call me a bag hoarder or whatever… I know I choose the bag option every single time they offer one in the box! This one, however, is my most favorite out of all of the FabFitFun boxes so far! It is big enough that I will be able to fit all of my beach essentials and then some.

But wait, Kayla, you live in Arizona!

I’m moving to Florida… which is why I chose so many beach themed items this season! Also… how can you say no to a high quality tote bag?

My Add On: Anti-Theft Active Packable Backpack

Since I upgraded to Select, I got a credit to apply to an add on! I love the fact that we can add things onto our boxes. This time around, instead of getting a couple of little items, I got one big item. I got myself the Travelon Anti-Theft Active Packable Backpack. Let me tell you, this thing is awesome! I’ve already taken it on a trip and it serves as a great carry-on. There are two pockets and two water bottle pockets. Each zipper has a lock on it so people can’t take unzip the pockets and take things out without your knowledge. There is also a pocket within a pocket that has RFID blocking technology, so thieves can’t steal important things like credit card numbers. As if all those features weren’t enough, the straps, bottom panel, and front panel are slash-resistant. When you aren’t using the backpack, it folds into itself for easy storage.

Get $10 Off Your First Box!

If you’re interested in jumping on the FabFitFun bandwagon (it’s a good bandwagon, trust me), click here and then use the promo code VACATION10 to get $10 off of your first box! You get to experience all of these goodies along with me! Bonus: FabFitFun has the BEST community and customer service!

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