When it comes to traveling, it can be so tough to stay healthy. This becomes even more of a challenge when you’re traveling in airports and on airplanes.

I have a lot of personal experience with this mode of travel so below you will find my best travel advice!

Staying Hydrated

It is important to stay hydrated while traveling. You don’t want to start your trip off on the wrong foot by being dehydrated and feeling the effects of that!

What I do: I stay hydrated by bringing my HydroFlask water bottle with me.

Before going through security, whatever water bottle you choose to bring NEEDS to be empty. Then when you get through the security checkpoint, either fill up your water bottle at a drinking fountain or water station, or go buy a water bottle from a store or vending machine and then fill it up.


Did you know that you can bring food through TSA checkpoints? So many people don’t know this! You can pack your own snacks at home and take them with you. This will help you not only pack healthy, non-airport food but it will help you save money because airport food is so expensive!

If you MUST eat at the airport or buy a snack, I highly recommend avoiding fast food and candy. Neither of these will fill you up! If you buy a snack from a store, I recommend reaching for beef jerky or some trail mix. If you’re eating from a chain restaurant, then I would definitely try to find healthier options on the menu!


If you’re going to be on a long flight, don’t be afraid to stretch every once in awhile to avoid muscle cramps or backaches.

Comfortable Clothes

Wear comfortable clothing that you can relax in. There is no need to treat the airplane aisle like a runway! Nobody cares about what you’re wearing and you will be much happier in comfy clothes.

Use the Bathroom

Always use the bathroom before your flight. And I hate to bring up the poo subject, but if you need to go then go because you won’t want to go #2 on the airplane. Plus it is bad to hold it for long periods of time!

Wash Yo Hands

I cannot stress this enough. Airports are so dirty. Keep some hand sanitizer on you when a sink and soap are not available to you. People from all over the world pass through airports and sit in the same seats as you, both in the airport and on the airplane. Protect yourself from illnesses by washing your hands.

Walk Around

You’re going to spend 99% of your flight sitting, possibly even the entire thing. Spend your time at the airport walking around and standing up before you cram into a pressurized tube and be seated for however long your flight is.

Bottom line: it is totally possible to stay healthy while traveling in airports. Take care of yourself and your body while you’re traveling! You’ll feel more energized when you reach your destination.

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