It is my mission to teach people that you don’t need to do drastic things to be healthy. You also do not need to change your life all at once. In fact, I always tell my clients that I would prefer that they take baby steps and ease themselves into a healthy lifestyle. If you make all of these changes at once, then you will end up overwhelming yourself and you’ll also start to feel burnt out.

Another thing I want others to realize is that when I say healthy changes or a healthy lifestyle, I don’t just mean getting physically active and eating well. Mental health is really important, too! Too many people think that once they are physically healthy then they will be mentally healthy and happy. That is absolutely not the case. Becoming holistically healthy is a journey. Happiness is also a journey. Your happiness does not directly correlate with your physical health or appearance, so it is important to make changes to make your mental health better, too!

I compiled a short list of healthy changes that you can make right now, and hopefully continue making! It is great to start out small and then build upon that foundation.

Healthy Changes You Can Make Right Now:

Slowly limit your soda intake and start drinking more water

Aim to take more steps each day

Go to bed earlier if you don’t get enough sleep

Take some deep breaths

Stop slouching

Wash your face

Stop eating sugar or drinking caffeine in the late afternoon and evening


Watch funny videos that make you laugh

Put your phone down and be present

Eat some greens

Eat breakfast

Make your lunch instead of going out to eat

Call someone you love

Go for a family walk or walk your dog

Try a new recipe

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