Some people can remember the exact moment they discovered their life purpose. Others have known their entire life what they were born to do. I am neither of these people; I slowly learned about what I was meant to do with my life.

When I was sixteen years old, I wanted to be a journalist when I “grew” up. At the same exact age, I nearly died of sepsis and spent a few weeks in the hospital. I’ll spare my readers the gross details of what I went through, but it drastically changed me and my abilities.

The Beginning of Something

Before I went into the hospital, I was athletic. I weighed in at about 135 pounds and was solid muscle. I was a sprinter and my favorite sport is track and field. Coming out of the hospital, I weighed about 95 pounds. During my stay, they had to change me into a children’s hospital gown because the adult small was falling off of me while I was trying to walk around my floor of the hospital. I lost all of my muscle mass and quite a bit of body fat. I was skin and bones. My clothes didn’t fit so we had to buy me clothes from the girl’s section while I put the weight back on. I was cleared for exercise just in time for track and field preseason to start, but I had no clue the toll sepsis took on me.

I could no longer sprint fast because I wasn’t strong enough. In fact, I couldn’t even run 200 meters without becoming insanely winded. Gone were the days of running a mile in less than eight minutes. I would spend the next few years rebuilding my strength. I was literally starting all over again, from ground zero.

Changing Lives

I became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2014, after realizing that I can help others rebuild themselves in the same way that I had: from the very bottom. I have had clients from all different backgrounds with different goals. Some people wanted to gain weight, some wanted to lose weight, and some wanted to focus on just staying active and mobile. I didn’t realize how rewarding it would be to be such an integral part in changing people’s lives. Whether a client lost two pounds, dropped seven inches off their waist, or got the clearance from their doctor to go off of their high blood pressure medication, I was always in awe of how hard my clients worked and how I played a major role in motivating them to stay consistent, even when they weren’t feeling so motivated.

My clients are a big part of my “why.” I love to help others and I found that I love to help educate others about how to live a healthier life. The United States is in the midst of an obesity epidemic, which is the root reason for people dying so young these days. Obesity leads to so many preventable conditions and diseases. Helping people fight obesity and finding the power to change their life is an amazing journey for both them and me.

I’ve had clients who were underweight, too. It is no different. Being underweight isn’t healthy either. I have had the honor of helping people who were classified as underweight increase their weight and get stronger.

Writing to Reach More People

I have been blogging on and off since 2012. I started off just doing it as a hobby on Tumblr. After I got my personal training certification, I became more serious about my blogging. I started off with a blog called Fitness By Kayla, but I was also working 12+ hours per day at the gym and had no time to dedicate to a blog. I wasn’t too keen on the name of my blog anyways.

Then I started Holistically Kayla, which was dedicated to focusing on all aspects of health. I still wasn’t a fan of my blog’s name and I felt like I would never find a name that suited me and my purpose at the same time. By this time in my life, I was struggling with my mental health and I ended up quitting this blog all together because it wasn’t bringing me joy.

After about a year or so of not blogging, I decided it was time to try again, but this time I was going to be serious about it. I started doing tons of research about how I could increase my engagement and reach more people with my message about health and fitness.

Birth of The Fit Writer

I created a huge list of potential names for this blog, but the name that really stuck with me was, obviously, The Fit Writer. Being in school for English and professional writing, plus having all of my certifications, it was just the perfect name. I have said throughout my degree program that all I want to do with my degree is write about health and fitness.

My blog has become my passion. I may not have a huge following, yet, but I am reaching more people with my blog than I could have dreamed of. I have trained over 40 people in my career, but I have reached so many more people through this platform.

It is my mission to educate others and hopefully inspire them to change their lives for the better. I want to show people that it really does not require a huge and sudden change to become healthy; instead, it requires small tweaks here and there that eventually become habits that lead to a better lifestyle.

The Fit Writer is my way of tying all of my passions – writing, fitness, and helping others – together. I want to help people live their best life because everyone’s life has so much value and they are so loved by their friends and family. It is time for them to start showing themselves some love by changing their life!

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