There really isn’t much that bothers me. Sure, some people have habits that can be slightly annoying, but everyone has their quirks and I can’t control that. I am also really good at ignoring things, a perk of being the oldest kid!

I do have a few pet peeves, however. It really gets under my skin when people do a few certain things. I will still always try to not say anything, but deep down, I am typically pretty hot about it.

Being Mean

It literally does not cost anything to just be nice. There are enough mean people in the world and kindness is such a breath of fresh air. People are too quick to judge others, whether it is about their physical appearance, a personality trait, or something else.

People like to claim that they are “savage” or “brutally honest.” There is absolutely no reason to be proud of being mean. You can be honest without being mean. I consider myself a very honest person, but I never voice my opinion unless someone asks. My friends and family know to not ask me for my opinion if they think that they might not like it.

Correcting Stupid Things

Nobody particularly enjoys being corrected. I love to receive feedback and constructive criticism, but about important things (typically job related). There is no need to correct me when I use a certain word, only to tell me that I should have used a word that is a synonym for the original one! There is no need to correct the way someone does an everyday task, like tie their shoes for example, if they happen to do it in a way that you don’t like. That probably makes them feel incompetent and it makes you look like a jerk.

Ignoring Me

Let’s be real. Ignoring people is rude. Sometimes I don’t feel social and that is okay, but I always make sure to answer people, especially if they are contacting me about something important. I cannot handle it when I send someone an email and they don’t answer me. Then they don’t answer my follow-up email, which I sent to make sure they got my first email because maybe they’re ignoring me because they never got it? It’s like… send me some sort of sign that you are alive and well!

And answer my question!

Dishonesty and Sneakiness

I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory, but people still feel the need to be dishonest or just do sneaky stuff behind your bad these days! I have had these experiences, too. What is funny is that I always find out about it, but I don’t choose to act on it. It says so much about the type of person you are dealing with and it proves who you can’t trust! Just keep that in your back pocket for a bit, if ya know what I mean!

Suicide Jokes

Suicide jokes will never, ever be funny. Ever. If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you probably know why this made the list.

Well, there you guys have it! My personal pet peeves, which are honestly just things that a decent human being should avoid doing anyways!

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