I have been in the personal training and fitness industry for nearly five years. Sometimes I think that five years really isn’t that long… but that’s literally one half of a decade. I’ve been a personal trainer since before Michael and I got married!

The thing with this industry is that you need experience to move forward and you need to constantly be learning. In fact, part of the re-certification process that we go through every two years is continuing education. Needless to say, I am quite experienced and quite educated, which is why I am compiling a list of the top ten questions I have been asked throughout my career and I am answering them for you!

Pay attention, save this post, and take notes! I am about to drop a knowledge bomb on ya!

1. How do I lose the fat on my stomach/arms/thighs?

You can’t choose where you lose fat. This is also known as spot reduction and you simply cannot do it. I know, I know- Pinterest says that you can target belly fat by doing these core exercises! These are the pins that CPTs roll their eyes at because we know that they are worded like that just to get attention. You can do those core workouts and you will get a stronger core, which is very beneficial and will do amazing things for your body. However, the layer of fat will remain unless you exercise regularly and get your heart rate up, and eat in a caloric deficit.

2. Why am I not losing weight?

This is a common question I get and honestly there could be so many answers. When a client asks me this, I have to start playing twenty questions with them to try to pinpoint a few reasons why they might not be losing weight. The most common reason revolves around nutrition. Typically they are either eating too much or eating too little! Other reasons behind not losing weight are not exercising enough, not getting enough sleep, too much stress, or a medical condition. If you have lost weight and then suddenly stopped, it is likely that you are experiencing a weight loss plateau, which means your calories in vs calories out are the same amount. Therefore, something needs to change, whether you cut more calories out of your diet or you exercise more.

3. How can I lose weight without giving up alcohol/soda/going out to eat?

Anyone who has worked with me knows that I am all about moderation and not deprivation. I do not think that restricting your diet in any way is beneficial because it is not sustainable or realistic. The truth is, you can lose weight without giving up wine, soda, or dining out. The key is to cut down. If you are drinking soda or beer every single day, try cutting it down to one per week. To lose weight, you have to be in a calorie deficit, which means burning more calories than you consume. Make sure when you are tracking your calories and/or macros, you are counting any beverage that isn’t water!

4. How can I lose 10 pounds in two weeks?

Maybe cut off a leg???

In all seriousness, you cannot safely lose 10 pounds in two weeks. Any self-respecting health coach and personal trainer would not encourage you to do so, either.

5. I need to lose weight… but I hate cardio.

The great news is that you don’t need to ONLY do cardio to lose weight! I typically do strength training or high intensity interval training (HIIT) with my clients. I typically recommend a form of cardio, whether it is Zumba, running, cycling, walking your dog, etc, 3-5 times per week for 20-40 minutes.

6. Is cardio going to ruin my #gainz?

This is the biggest reason why bros do not do cardio. They will just go pump some iron and avoid the cardio equipment like the plague. I am here to let you know that cardio will not ruin your #gainz. I mean, you shouldn’t train like you’re going to go run a marathon, but you should definitely do cardio so you can improve your endurance! That’s super important stuff.

7. Can I workout while I’m pregnant?

Yes, most definitely! Obviously listen to your doctor instead of me if he or she is telling you something different, but most women are okay to workout while they are pregnant. Make sure you are listening to your body, however. You don’t need to train insane while you are pregnant and as your pregnancy progresses, there are certain exercises that you should not do. But, above all, just listen to your body. Sometimes it is better to not workout if you’re just not feeling it or if you’re not feeling good.

8. How do I stay healthy and active while traveling?

It can be challenging to maintain your healthy and active lifestyle when you are traveling. My best piece of advice is to drink water, walk a lot, and if you are staying in a hotel, use the gym! I have a ton of hotel gym workouts as well as no equipment workouts on my blog if you need some help!

9. Should I workout when I’m hungover? What about when I’m on my period?

Working out while you’re hungover is a tough question, because so many people say something different. A lot of people recommend working out as a way to “sweat it out,” meaning to help cope or get rid of a hangover. What does THIS fitness expert say? I say NO to working out while hungover. You’re already dehydrated, so working out will not help in that case. Also, hangovers typically consist of vomiting and feelings of nausea… what if you barf at the gym? Ew! I have personally cleaned up barf in a gym (yes, I made a client vomit once) and it’s not fun. Please don’t do that. The best way to deal with a hangover is to rehydrate yourself and rest.

Working out on your period is also dependent on the person. My recommendation is simply to listen to your body. If you are in so much pain that you are laying in the fetal position on the couch with a heating pad, then you should not go to the gym. If you feel fine, then go for it! I personally choose to workout while I’m on my period because it improves my mood, and I’m usually already grumpy about being on my period LOL

10. But won’t strength training make me bulky?

It is mainly women who ask this and a lot of fitness experts get annoyed about it because they feel like it is common sense. I personally think that if you are new to fitness and health, then it really is NOT common sense, so don’t feel bad for asking this. The answer is that lifting will not make you bulky. As a woman, you have higher estrogen levels and lower testosterone than men do, therefore lifting will not make you bulky or “look like a man” unless you are on steroids. Your muscles will look more defined, but you won’t turn into the She-Hulk 😉

I sincerely hope that maybe this answered some of the questions you have about fitness, health, and weight loss! If not, feel free to comment below with a question or shoot me a message.

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