It is totally normal to feel nervous and anxious for your first session with a certified personal trainer. In fact, they’ll be expecting it! I can’t even begin to tell you guys how many times I’ve asked a brand new client how they were feeling and they replied with, “I’m nervous.”

Being nervous is totally natural and you will soon find out that there is no need to be nervous! If you are with a good trainer, they should make you feel comfortable and they should also be transparent with you. You need to be honest with them, too, because they cannot read your mind! Especially make sure you tell them about any illnesses, diseases, or injuries you may have.


First and foremost, expect for your trainer to ask you about your goals. It is important for you to identify these with your trainer because then they know how to program your workouts and what advice to give you! It also helps to identify your “why,” as we call it.

Measurements and Assessment

Another thing you can expect is to be weighed and measured, if you are comfortable with that. You can specify where you want to be measured. I always checked with my clients before I measured a certain area because not everyone wants to have bust measurements and some people are uncomfortable with a trainer being that close to that body part. Always be honest with your trainer about what you are comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with!

Some people choose to not have any weight or measurements taken, and that is completely fine, too! I had a couple of clients who did not want to have any sort of measurement taken because they didn’t want to be in that mindset and simply wanted to workout.

Your trainer should assess your movement, too. They will probably make you squat and do a few other basic movements. This is just to get an idea of your flexibility and to see if you have any overactive/underactive muscles that will impact your movement during your workouts.


Then they will take you through a workout, so make sure you wear gym clothes and bring a water bottle. I honestly feel like I should not have to write that, but you’d be surprised at how many people showed up at their first session with me wearing jeans!

Make sure you are honest with your trainer about everything. We cannot read minds! If something is WAY too hard, then you need to let them know. If they aren’t challenging you enough, you need to tell them to step it up. You are paying for these sessions so you are in control!

Schedule future sessions

After the workout, the trainer should schedule your next session with them. Don’t leave without doing this! There have been trainers I have worked with who would tell their clients that they would contact them and then they would forget. Trainers are super busy people! A typical day for me consisted of at least eight sessions, so I always made sure that I would schedule the next session (or even the next 2-3 sessions) at the end of the current one.

Make sure you ask your trainer what they would like you to do when you workout alone. I personally used to write my clients workouts to do on their own or provide them with copies of workouts we had already done for them to follow along with. Hopefully your trainer will do this for you instead of letting you figure it out on your own, but all trainers are different!

Be proud!

Lastly, be proud of yourself! You just made a huge step towards your goals!

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