The first three months of 2019 are GONE and DONE! How is your year going?

Mine is going WAY DIFFERENT than I expected, but in a good way!

Looking back on my 2019 Resolutions post and other things I wrote down but did not share on my blog, I can confirm that I have already not followed through with one resolution, which is just fine! There is a good reason for it!

The great thing is that life is going FABULOUS and some amazing things are happening!


I am still on track with finishing school in June! I have one and a half weeks left in the class I am currently in. It is about technical writing and I am enjoying it! Then, I move on to my capstone course.

I will NOT be walking in my graduation because… we are going house-hunting in Florida that weekend! Like I told my mother, I would rather go look for my first home (as a home buyer) than walk in a graduation.

Another goal I set for myself this year is to read 20 books. I am a tad behind because I have significantly less free time now. I started a full-time job! Which is why you guys have seen my activity on here go down. I am hoping to get into a routine where I am working full-time but my blog isn’t being ignored, either. I’ve just been exhausted!

Anyways, back to reading. I am currently reading “The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of an American Dynasty.” I absolutely love Barbara Bush! I highly recommend this book.


I originally set a goal for a 300lb 1RM for my deadlift by the end of 2019. Do I think I will achieve this goal? I honestly have no idea. I have been working out 4-5 times per week. I lift and do CrossFit style workouts. I have been seeing a MASSIVE amount of gains lately, especially in my bench press. Just today I pressed 120 pounds!

To be honest, I am not really expecting to achieve this goal. I will be happy as long as I see progress this year. Which I am.


Back in January, I set a goal for my husband and I to try at least one new restaurant per month for a date night. To be honest, we don’t really go out to eat that much! Therefore, we have not accomplished this goal LOL

We have just been focusing on enjoying each other’s company, especially since we have been working full time now. We don’t get to see each other often, so we make it a point to really spend quality time together. We are definitely looking forward to a few getaways we have planned!


Getting this full-time job has been a huge blessing, despite not being able to focus as much on my blog and business. Now that I’m bringing in that full-time paycheck, we have paid off my car, I am done paying my tuition, and we can save up even more money for when we move.

As far as the goals I set for my blog and business, I am SMASHING them. I’ve re-done my About page, started networking with other bloggers, and now I have a newsletter! These are just a few of the goals I set for 2019.

Always take time to reflect…

It is always important to reflect on how you are doing with your goals so you can decide whether or not you need to adjust your plan. I have adjust a little bit because of being so busy, but getting a full-time job (that I actually like) is not a bad reason at all to have to re-adjust!

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