Teatoxes. Celebrities endorse them, influencers endorse them, and these teatox companies are showing up EVERYWHERE. We have seen the “before and after” photos and we have read the so-called testimonials. Do teatoxes work and should we be using them?


What are they?

The “tox” in teatox is the same thing as the “tox” in detox- as in you do not need to detox your body because your liver does it for you. Teatoxes are basically a new fad fitness trend that guarantees you will lose weight if you drink said tea.

Does it work? I’d say it does because most of these teas include the lovely senna herb, which is a natural laxative.

So you’ll lose weight because you won’t be able to stay off the toilet! Does that sound like fun?

Just adjust your lifestyle!

Doing a teatox is literally the same thing as just taking a laxative to lose weight, which is seriously disordered behavior. The entire culture of teatoxes is toxic (ha, see what I did there?) and if you are wanting to lose weight, it is best to just adjust your lifestyle.

Teatoxes are not regulated and the side effects suck.

These teas are also unregulated and can have pretty bad side effects like headaches, nausea, cramping, and dehydration (which we all know is really bad). Longer use of senna has been known to make the bowels stop functioning normally, resulting in a dependence on laxatives. Chronic use of these teatoxes can cause even more serious issues like liver, kidney, and colon damage.

Teatoxes can cause your medications to be ineffective.

Another issue is that senna, or other ingredients in these teas, can make the medications we are already taking ineffective, or less effective. These medications could include birth control, giving you a chance to get pregnant if you are engaging in sexual activity, thyroid medication, and antidepressants.

These companies do exactly what I hate; preying off of people’s insecurities. They make their product look glamorous when there is absolutely nothing glamorous about having to take a laxative.

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