Many people blame technology for the rise in poor mental health, but I personally use it for help with my mental health. It is my belief that anything can be unhealthy if you use it inappropriately and have a bad mindset about it.

I use a few apps to help with my own mental health. These apps help me track my mood, factors contributing to my mood, and they help me cope with my emotions. They are also helpful for self-care and reflection.

Here are my favorite apps for mental health:


I do my best to use Moodnotes every single day. Users track their mood and what influences it. It also helps users to develop healthier thinking habits by learning about thinking traps and how to avoid or correct them, which is something I personally practiced in therapy. Overall, this app helps with developing different perspectives and ways of thinking.

This app is perfect for someone with anxiety because those of us with it know that we often overthink things and jump to conclusions that are not quite logical; they seem logical in our minds, but not to others. This app helps with that tremendously!

The Mighty

The Mighty is a website and community of people who fight mental illness, chronic illness, rare illnesses, and so much more. I am a contributor with The Mighty and I have posted things about my anxiety, depression, and adjustment disorder.

This community has helped me feel less alone and less “crazy.” There are things that I have experienced because of my mental illnesses that I have literally thought, “I must be the only one” and then someone on The Mighty proves me wrong.

I jumped for joy (figuratively) when they announced that they created an app because I do most of my work from my phone and rarely get on the computer except to do homework, so I was thrilled that I can now read stories by other contributors, comment, and post my thoughts to the website from the app.

I recommend this app because the community is inspiring, accepting for the most part, and it has helped me get through some tough days.


Pacifica was another app I used awhile back that helped me track certain things related to my overall health. It also provides users with activities to do, based on their input into the app. My favorite thing about Pacifica was the group chats. There are chats for people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. There are groups based on what you like, what your job may be, and so much more criteria. I think I was even apart of a group for Harry Potter nerds!


Youper is a lot like Moodnotes. It helps users track their moods and what influences them. After you have tracked a specific mood a few times, it will provide insight about what the most common factors are that influence your moods. You can add your own factors, too, if you can’t find them in the app. It also provides the user with activities to do based on their mood.


Lastly, Jour is a journaling app that helps with self-reflection amongst other things. There are different types of “journals” to write in and it is a guided journaling app, so it typically provides users with prompts to answer. I currently use the daily reflection journal and I also used one to define my goals for the next ten, five, and one year(s) of my life. Sometimes it is good mentally to just get things off the brain and onto “paper,” or your phone in this case.

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