By the time I am writing this, 19.3 has already been released. If you guys follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I have started working full-time, I hated 19.2, and I have actually canceled my gym membership because I can workout at work for free.

Do I plan on finishing The Open? No, actually. I don’t.

19.2 was TOUGH.

I did it after a full day of work. I was tired, but I was motivated. I honestly hated the set-up of 19.2. It was an AMRAP, but you had to complete a certain amount of rounds to move to the next time cap. Eight minutes looked easy, but I realized during the workout that there was no way I was going to be able to do 25 hanging knee raises, 50 single unders, 13 squat cleans, 25 more hanging knee raises, 50 more single unders, and 11 more squat cleans in 8 minutes. Absolutely no way, especially since I had just learned how to do squat cleans that day and I can’t clean more than 65 pounds. I was definitely going to do my best and I made it all the way to the 11 squat cleans at 75 pounds! At that point, I had exactly one minute to do all of them and I couldn’t even get the weight up.

It did not help that I was seeing stars during this workout. I don’t know what it was about those squat cleans, but I had to break every single one up because by the time I stood up from my squat, I was lightheaded.

Why I don’t plan on finishing The Open:

For one, I am working full time again and I simply do not have the time. I get to workout as apart of my duty day, so there is no point to rush to the box after work to do a terrible workout in the early evening; terrible because I would be tired and just ready to relax at home. I am always at my best in the mornings, which is why I went to the CrossFit class at 8:30 am. I turn into a snail after about 2:30 pm.

The other reason is that I signed up for The Open to have fun. I WANTED TO HAVE FUN. Clearly I am not going to the CrossFit Games. I am nowhere near the “Fittest Woman on Earth”. I  just thought it would be a fun and friendly competition. The coach that was judging me took the Open way too seriously and she ruined it for me. I literally could not catch my breath and I was fatiguing to the point where I thought I was going to pass out; and there she was YELLING at me to stop resting and keep going. I am a firm believer in NOT pushing yourself so hard that you pass out when you are simply working out for fun and to be healthy. I get that she was likely trying to be motivating, but as a fitness professional, it is important to see what type of motivation the client responds to. I went through boot camp back in 2012 and that was the only time in my entire life when being yelled at motivated me. I was over the Open before I even finished 19.2.

Moving On…

I will still do CrossFit WODs, but I will do them with my coworkers where everyone is supportive and there is no yelling involved. I have spent the last week working out with my coworkers and I have PR’d on almost every single lift, so that shows me that I am in the right place.

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