This year, I am competing in my first EVER CrossFit Games Open. I figure I will write every week after I am done with that week’s workout to record how it goes and write my thoughts according to a total CrossFit noob.

19.1 was released on February 21st. I hopped on my computer at 6 pm Arizona time to check it out and was not pleased with the words in front of me.

15 minute AMRAP

19 wall ball shots

19 calorie row


For those of you unfamiliar with CrossFit terms, AMRAP means As Many Rounds As Possible. So I had 15 minutes to do as many rounds of 19 wall balls and a 19 calorie row. On top of that, I scaled my workout so I had to use a 10 pound ball. If I had done the prescribed weight, it would have been 14 pounds. Being that I JUST moved up to the 10 pound ball in class, I decided I probably would not be doing any of the prescribed workouts, which is totally fine!

Wall balls suck when you are short because you have to throw the ball up further. Rowing also sucks when you’re short because that is less distance to pull, therefore you have to pull more to hit the 19 calories needed to finish the round.

Not to mention… I hate rowing. I would rather run than row, any day.

Now I probably would not have cared about doing this workout, but fifteen minutes is A. LONG. TIME. We were getting all strategic beforehand; coming up with a game plan for how we were going to get as many reps as possible.

I honestly just wanted to finish without barfing. That was basically my goal. I didn’t care about doing the row in a certain amount of time or doing the wall balls without any breaks (unbroken, as it is called).

Our coach put on music with a good beat and we got to work! I did my first 19 wall balls unbroken and did pretty well with the first row. For the rest of the workout, I split my wall balls in “half”: 10 reps, 5-10 second break, and then 9 reps. For the rows… I had no strategy. I embraced the suck and kept rowing until I saw 19 calories.

In the end, I got 175 reps, scaled. Is that good? Not really! Do I care? Not really! I registered for the Open simply because whether or not I registered, I would have done the workout anyways. Now I get to see how I improve next year by comparing my spot on the leaderboards.

The great news is that I came in first in my gym for the scaled division!

Because I’m the only one in the scaled division 😉

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