Gyms can be super intimidating. It doesn’t help that some gym goers take videos of anyone who uses a piece of equipment incorrectly. I won’t lie, I am even scared of being videotaped in the gym because of something I am doing!

My Suggestions:

  • When you sign up for your membership, ask the gym manager to give you a detailed tour of the gym. This way, you will get to see where all of the equipment is so you won’t have to go searching for it during your workouts. Take this time to ask as many questions as possible about the facilities and you might be able to sneak in a few about how to use certain machines if you are unsure.
  • Get a consultation with a personal trainer. Most gyms will offer a free consultation with a personal trainer when you sign up for a membership. I recommend taking advantage of this because not only will you get a killer workout, but the trainer will help show you how to do certain exercises and how to use the equipment. You can learn a lot from this and you will have the option to buy sessions or not!
  • Watch videos about how to do certain exercises. Finding videos on YouTube about how to do specific exercises can be super helpful so you can do the exercise with correct form. I have personally done this in the past when I am trying a new lift. There is nothing wrong with learning this way because you will be able to do the exercise correctly from the very beginning!
  • Download an app that will create workouts for you and show you how to do the exercises involved. This way, there is no “winging it” or guesswork involved. You already have your workout planned out when you get to the gym so you can go in there, crush it, and get out. You can find my recommended apps in this post and this post.
  • Find a workout partner or ask one of your friends or your spouse to workout with you. Sometimes the intimidation is just being alone in the gym at first. That is totally understandable! To combat this, ask a friend or your spouse to go with you at first. Sometimes it is more comfortable to have someone by your side for support.
  • Take group classes. Many gyms offer classes like Zumba, indoor cycling, HIIT and sometimes even more! Group classes are great because everyone is helpful and supportive of each other. Talk about built in cheerleaders with your workout!

Above All:

The best thing to realize is that everyone was once a beginner in the gym. It seems like the rude gym bros forget about that fact. Remember that you are in the gym to work on yourself. You are going to learn new things and if I’m being totally honest… you will never stop learning new things in the gym. This is literally my profession and I am still learning new things all the time!

You’ve got this, girl!

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