Food and guilt should be two things that are never associated with each other.

I try to have this conversation with everyone, even if they aren’t my client; coworkers, friends, family, and sometimes I even have to remind myself of it!

If you listened to my podcast this week, you heard me discuss the importance of balance when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. This is somewhat related because feeling guilty for eating something does not mean that your lifestyle is balanced.

When you overindulge, there is no point in feeling guilty and beating yourself up over it. It happened, so what?! There are more important things you should be worried about- don’t worry about eating one too many tacos.

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You Will NOT Lose Any Progress

The truth is, you didn’t get to where you’re at with one good meal, just like you won’t lose progress with one bad meal. If there is anything we have learned about living healthy and fit, it is that consistency is key, no matter if you’re progressing or regressing.

To regress, you would have to consistently eat in a surplus for awhile. One meal is not going to harm your progress.

Food is Fuel.

Also I need to remind you guys that food is fuel. Food is fuel for your body to do all sorts of things. Calories help your body stay alive; they allow your body to do its most basic, involuntary functions like breathing. Calories help you to get out of bed and make yourself breakfast. They give you the energy you need to walk your dog, do your job, keep up with your kids, and whatever else you do with your life.

Food is fuel.

Stay Balanced.

The key to living a balanced lifestyle is taking care of yourself. Sometimes that means you eat healthy and go to the gym; and sometimes that means that you spend the day watching the Harry Potter movies and eating ice cream.

Balance, my friends.

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