Friends, I cannot believe how my podcast has taken off and the response I have received from it! I pride myself in sounding completely authentic when I am speaking about fitness, nutrition, mental health, and life in general. I am excited that so many people are tuning in and love to listen to what I have to say!

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I am writing this post simply to tell you about my newest podcast series. This series is about a very important topic in today’s society and I want to reach people who may be struggling or feeling alone.

This podcast series is called Mental Health Conversations and it is literally just that; conversations about mental health. I will be bringing guests on every once in awhile to discuss the topic; their experiences, my experiences, if they sought out help, and the like.

The first episode will air this Wednesday, January 16, and it features my best friend Harlee, who is one of the few people that I feel comfortable with discussing my mental health and illnesses with openly. She always knows exactly what to say!

I don’t want this series to feel like I am interviewing people, even though I do ask a lot of questions. I simply want it to sound like conversations because people should not be afraid to speak casually about mental health.

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