I hate to keep bringing up the past, but… I need to share my favorites from December! Then we can really leave 2018 behind and focus on the present! 😉

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Trigger Point Massager

My dog actually thinks that this torture device is a fetch toy! It looks just like one of his toys that we take to the dog park. Sometimes I wish this was a dog toy because it is not always comfortable, but it helps get some tough knots out of my muscles.

There are many different muscles on the body that can be targeted with this massager, but I use it for my back area! I have a chronic knot and tension back there. My husband is always massaging my back but he struggles to get the knot out, so he saw this in WalMart and bought it for me!

It hurts so good! Like I mentioned, this one is from WalMart, but you can find all sorts of trigger point massagers at Target, sports stores, and even online on Amazon.

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AHAVA Hydration Cream Mask

This amazing hydrating mask was in FabFitFun’s winter box! During a time when the air is cold and dry, therefore skin is dry, this mask is a God send. It smells so fresh and it really does noticeably help with my dry skin.

PUR Cosmetics Be Your Selfie Eye Shadow Palette

Another wonderful item from FabFitFun’s winter box! When I first used this palette, I was unsure of the colors. I have used it almost exclusively since I got it and have received a lot of compliments. Another thing I really like is that the eyeshadow stays on all day without having to retouch it!

If you are interested in receiving $10 off of your FIRST FabFitFun box, click here and make sure you use the code FIRSTBOX!


Soda Stream’s Aqua Fizz

Does anyone else absolutely love La Croix and other sparkling water brands? Me too! We were going through sparkling water like crazy, so my husband got me this Aqua Fizz for Christmas! It is basically a Soda Stream because you can also make soda with it, however I use it for sparkling water. You use regular water, carbonate it, and then add flavored drops. BAM! You’ve got sparkling water!

I highly recommend this for anyone who buys sparkling water from the store like crazy! It may be expensive at first, but eventually it pays off because then you’re not spending $4.99 – or more – on La Croix!


One for the Money by Janet Evanovich

After reading a bunch of self-help books as well as silly summer romance type books, I was ready for a change of pace. My mom actually gave me this book because she thought I would enjoy the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich.

As it turns out, my mom was correct! One for the Money is HILARIOUS and had me laughing from the very first page. There is over twenty books in this series and I already have the next two. I am actually re-reading the Harry Potter series right now, but once I am done, my main focus will be the Stepanie Plum series.



Youper is a mental health app that I personally use to track my anxiety and depression levels as well as to identify the factors that make me feel certain ways. After using it consistently, the app provides insight into the common factors that make you feel happy, sad, numb, calm, and so many more emotions. It also provides various activities to do depending on how you feel. I have found that it really helps provide some perspective into how certain things impact my mental health!

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