As everyone is well aware, I am an app queen. I try all sorts of apps, from health apps to games to calendars. I always love to share my favorites with my readers and friends!

It is still technically the New Years resolution season and perhaps you are looking for some apps to help you out with your health and fitness goals! I have tried many apps in this category and I have found SO MANY that I really like! It was difficult to narrow down this list, but here are my top five apps that will help you reach your health goals.

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No, this is not the streaks you are thinking of (GROSS). This is the app, Streaks. I love Streaks because it helps me track and form daily habits.

In 2018, I made certain things a habit because of Streaks! For example, I am now in the habit of flossing my teeth every single day because that was a goal I had set for myself on Streaks. It sounds really weird, but I used to be scared of flossing my teeth. This stems from a traumatic experience I had with a piece of floss and two teeth that were not loose back when I was six years old (I am sure you can figure it out from there). Since I’ve been working on my mental health and being braver, I started flossing my teeth again and as I have started doing it out of habit (and overcoming my fears), I can’t go a single night without flossing.

I change up the habits I want to form throughout the year or I make challenges for myself. Streaks also brings out the competitive side in me, but it is simply a competition with myself; will I beat my personal best streak? Will I break a streak and have to start all over again???

Currently, the goals I have on Streaks are washing my face twice a day, working out at least three times per week for 45 minutes, working on my blog and/or business every day, and writing every day.

One thing I love about Streaks is that you can set habits for a certain day or amount of days. You don’t need to do a habit every single day unless you specify that you want to do it every day. You can also set it to do a habit multiple times per day. You can also use it in a reverse type of way and see how long you can go without doing a bad habit.


FitBod is AMAZING. I have sung its praises on my October Favorites post and also Instagram in the past. It keeps track of your workouts, your muscle recovery, and it provides you with a daily workout according to what muscle groups are the most fresh.

Another thing I like is that you can add accessory work, replace exercises (perfect for if the equipment is being used or if you just don’t want to do a certain exercise), build supersets, and you can track various stats of all of the exercises.

If you enable notifications, it will send you reminders to workout and even tell you the muscles you are working out that day.

It allows you to look ahead at your next workout once you have finished your current one so you can plan things like your diet, your schedule for the day, or if you’re like me what you’re going to wear (hey, you only have a select few pairs of leggings that are acceptable for squats, am I right?).


Keelo is great for high intensity interval training and more CrossFit style workouts. I used Keelo (and subscribed to them) to get ready for my annual Air Force PT test and that app kicked my butt EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. until my test.

I personally am not a fan of HIIT so I knew the only way I was going to do it is if the workouts were already made and I was literally paying for it. Have no fear, though, there are free workouts on there and you don’t have to pay for a subscription unless you want the premium features.

I am planning on possibly making my gym membership into a CrossFit membership soon, so I will definitely re-start my subscription to Keelo once that happens! I love how Keelo adds another element of intensity to workouts and it is the perfect app for anyone who is looking to add some spice to their active lifestyle.

BONUS – per their Instagram bio, they have a code for public service members to save on their subscription. Thanks, Keelo!

Lose It!

I have tried so many different calorie counting and nutrition apps, but Lose It! is definitely my favorite in this category. It will help you calculate how many calories you should be eating every day to reach your goal weight or to maintain the weight you are currently at.

It also takes your exercise into consideration as long as you connect your Apple Health or watch to the app. You can track your water consumption and weight loss in it. In the premium version, you can find recipes, meal plans, view insights, and really customize your experience.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club was a really fun app while I was using it! There was a period of time when I wasn’t a member at a gym, but I had access to a small apartment gym with limited equipment. The Nike Training Club app was what helped me overcome this challenge.

The workouts range from beginner to advance and you can select a workout based on time, goal, or equipment.

There is also an option for you to do an actual workout program, depending on your goal, and you can set how many days you workout, how long the workouts are, and the equipment you need. It combines strength and cardio movements. It is perfect if you are working out at home, in a hotel, or just in an environment with limited equipment!

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