2019?!?!?!? Say WHAT?! Who else is working out for the first time in 2019 today? I decided for today’s Workout Wednesday post, we would do the FIRST spin workout of 2019 with a super motivating playlist!

Links and Such…

If you are unfamiliar with the terminology I use or you need a refresher, please refer to my Spin 101 post!

As per usual, I have created a customized playlist for this workout on my Spotify account. You are also more than welcome to just use your own music. Here is the link to the playlist.

The Workout

I truly enjoy putting together these workouts and making these playlists for my readers! I am always looking for new music to introduce you guys to so you aren’t always listening to the same spin songs! Music while working out is so important to me because it helps me block out everything around me and get the workout done.

New Years Resolutions

If you’re still setting your goals for the next 364 days, let me help you! In a recent post, I explained how to set perfect goals and also gave my readers a little freebie to help you get started!

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