It is the end of 2018. Can you believe it? Now is the time when people are thinking about their goals for next year… otherwise known as NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!

Yes, that season is upon us! If you are looking to set yourself up for success, look no further because I am about to edu-ma-cate you about how to set the perfect goal PLUS I am giving you my very own goal setting worksheet to help you out!

How Can a Goal Be… Smart?

The goal itself is not smart… but you are going to define your goal by making a SMART goal. SMART in this case is an acronym.

If you already know about SMART goals, then you are awesome. Hopefully you have been implementing it! Or maybe you have to refine your goal setting skills?

If you have never heard of SMART goals, prepare to be mindblown. You will never set goals the same again.

S is for Specific

We will use the most common New Years Resolution that I hear as our example.

“I want to lose weight.”

Anyone wandering into the New Year saying this is not setting themselves up for success! You need to be specific.

What do you want to accomplish? Why do you want to accomplish it? What resources do you need? What is your plan?

M is for Measurable

You need to have some way to measure this goal. In our example, we can use things like pounds, inches, or clothing size. This step will also help you define at what point you will know that you have reached your goal and it will also help with tracking your progress along the way.

A is for Attainable

You might realize as you are tracking your progress that losing 200 pounds in six months is not exactly attainable. This brings us to the next step. Is this goal too easy, challenging and attainable, or impossible?

You need to find that balance between too easy and impossible; and that is attainable. Some things to consider in this step are what you can do that won’t stress you out or make you burn out. If you work a full-time job, then you can’t expect to go to the gym for three hours per day on top of that and taking care of things at home, right? But you probably can manage to count your calories, start packing lunches instead of going out to eat, and working out at home.

Make sure that your goal is attainable while still living your life and fulfilling your obligations!

R is for Relevant

Is this goal relevant to your life right now? Does it seem worthwhile? Can you achieve this goal while meeting your other needs and your other goals? Do you have the means to achieve this goal?

This step is all about making sure that this goal is relevant to your life currently. For example, if you just found out that you are pregnant, you probably should not be setting goals to lose weight (unless your doctor says otherwise, of course).

T is for Timely

This step is all about time! When is your deadline to reach this goal? Do you need a deadline? The answer is YES. You must give yourself a deadline because then you will be more motivated to achieving it by said deadline. It is like having a long-term project for school, just the only person you have to report to is yourself or maybe your accountability buddy.

Not only should you set a deadline, but you should set checkins periodically throughout the time you are working to achieve this goal. This will help hold you accountable and it will allow you to analyze whether or not you are on track. There is also nothing wrong with adjusting your goal if you happen to fall behind or life gets in the way!

Put It All Together…

And you’ve got one awesomely specific goal with a plan and a deadline! You are so ready to kick some butt!

Make sure to check out my other fit tips to help you reach your fitness and health goals next year!

And as promised, here is my Goal Setter Worksheet, a total freebie just because you are awesome and I want you to set yourself up for success!

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