I am so excited to finally be doing a monthly favorites post! I’ve done reviews of various books and products, but I haven’t done the monthly favorites like most bloggers and YouTubers do because I just haven’t kept track of my favorites throughout the month. I made a conscious effort to the past month so here they are!

The categories will change month to month, but my goal is to create a monthly favorites post for every single month!



Veteran owned. Small business. Fitness attire. Squat proof leggings. Enough said.

I follow a lot of the Curves team on Instagram so I finally decided to buy myself a pair because of the promise that they are “squat proof”, meaning that they are not see through when you squat. Also they are Veteran owned.

NOTHING is worse than buying a new pair of leggings and figuring out that everyone can see your underwear when you squat! Story of my life since forever. I finally just told myself that I didn’t care.

These leggings pass the squat test with FLYING COLORS. They are amazing. Not only are they totally solid when it comes to working out, they are comfortable, flattering, and snug. They are cute as heck, too! The customer service is unparalleled. Also, it is just a plus that the leggings are significantly cheaper than lululemon but the quality is much better, in my opinion!


They recently came out with a seamless ombre collection that I ordered a pair from but I am still waiting for those to be delivered!

Check them out on Instagram and their website!




Yes, another fitness app! If you aren’t a fan of HIIT and prefer strength training, this app is perfection. After you do the three free workouts, you do need to pay for a subscription. It is only around $50 per year, which if you use this app multiple times per week like I do, it is completely worth it. It will customize your workouts according to what muscles are fresh. It even provides you with a cool diagram showing you which muscles are recovering and which aren’t.


You can also replace exercises if you aren’t feeling a certain one or if say the squat rack is taken. My favorite thing about this app is the fact that I can use it with my watch, too!

Here is the layout of the workouts:




If you’re anything like me, you struggle to pay attention to certain tasks because your phone is a distraction. Forest helps me with that! It is a paid app that is designed to help you stay off your phone. You put in the amount of time you want to stay focused for and then you plant a tree. If you pick up your phone during that time, the app will tell you to put it down. If you leave the app, you kill your tree. If you don’t and stay off your phone for the given amount of time, you plant a tree in your forest. You also get to view your forest and see all the trees and plants you have grown over time.

This app has changed the focus game for me. I use it when I work on my blog, my business, and my homework. I refuse to kill trees because, honestly, it makes me feel bad! I don’t want to be a tree killer!


Herbalife High Protein Iced Coffee

I screamed when I found out that Herbalife was coming out with a high protein iced coffee. I love coffee and I love protein. It was meant to be. Naturally, the day it came out, I ordered it!

Protein Iced Coffee

All you have to do is add water, mix, and then pour over ice! It is the consistency of an iced coffee, NOT a protein shake so if you want a thicker consistency, I recommend blending it up in a blender!

Still, this is literal perfection.

If you are interested in purchasing this, contact me!

Instant Pot

My life has been forever changed.

I went to my dad’s house to visit and my step-mom was using an Instant Pot. I had already known that she used one, but I honestly did not realize how COOL these things are! She even makes her own yogurt! Completely free from all of the added crap that the companies mix in there. I had her yogurt with blueberries and I was sold. Then she made me oatmeal and I was even more sold.

We got to talking about the Instant Pot and I mentioned that maybe I will get myself one because it sounds like a very cost effective appliance and it saves time since it is a pressure cooker.

She decided to get it for me for an early Christmas gift! 🙂

I have not looked back, let me tell you. I have made a few dinners plus meal prepped some of my own oatmeal. I LOVE THIS THING SO MUCH.

I think it is especially useful for those with busy lives and also kids!


Instant Pot.jpg

Chicken Tortilla Soup with my very own Instant Pot!


Dr. Death


This podcast, reported and hosted by Laura Beil, is INTENSE. As a victim myself of malpractice, it was angering, too! This podcast is about a neurosurgeon named Dr. Christopher Duntsch who claimed he was the best in Texas and was far from. He knowingly butchered most of his operations and most of his patients ended up with severe complications. Some even died. This podcast discusses not only him, but the fact that it took so long to stop him from being able to operate.

Click here to find out more about it and where you can listen! 

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