I am what they call an “app junkie”. I try out all sorts of different apps, more than just health and fitness! In fact, there is only one fitness app in this list. These apps are not exactly the ones I use the most, but they are most definitely the ones I enjoy using!



Keelo is the only fitness app on this list. I don’t usually use workout apps because I often can make up my own workouts or just do whatever I please in the gym. I am currently preparing for my PT test and realize that I neglect cardio and just functional movements for the most part, so I signed up for Keelo. This app KILLS. It gets your heart racing and you are dripping sweat within minutes. They also have AMAZING customer service. My account had erased the first two workouts I did for some reason and I was able to email customer service and get them back so my functional map didn’t become unbalanced. If you can’t afford a trainer but are looking for some killer workouts, I recommend subscribing to Keelo!



I use shine for my mental health, to practice gratitude, and to find encouragement when I am hitting a slump. You can do daily check-ins and the app also sends you cute little notifications to give you some motivation! There are different talks and meditations that help with motivation, self-love, focus, and so much more. They also have challenges that you can do for areas of your life that you want to grow in. I have the free version but I know that there is a premium option where you can unlock everything!

Design Home

Design Home.jpg

Shoutout to one of my best friends, Chelsea, for introducing me to this ADDICTING game! There is a daily challenge that players can partake in where you design a room in a home. Then you can vote on other player’s designs. If your design gets above four stars, then you get a piece of furniture as a prize! There are other challenges too, other than the daily ones. I am not particularly talented at home decorating but it is fun to see what I can come up with! Not to mention, the game is not super time consuming unless you allow it to be!



I know that you all saw this one coming. I LOVE Spotify. I pay the student price for Spotify Premium. I make all sorts of playlists for various workouts, moods, and activities. The best part about premium is no advertisements or skip limits. I hated working out and having to listen to songs I don’t like or ads. Now that I can make my own playlists, I don’t ever have to hear songs that I don’t like either! I also enjoy listening to music offline. It was especially useful when I would drive through the middle of nowhere Texas.


Thred Up

I am all about recycling things that can still be used! I was overjoyed when I discovered ThredUp. It is an online consignment store. You can buy brand name clothes for less than what you would get them in the store. You can also send in your own clothes and either get cash for them or get a credit on your account and then use that to get clothes for yourself! I honestly just like to browse through it and if I spot a good deal, I will put it in my favorites and keep an eye on it. I usually almost always have a balance on my account too because I order a closet clean out kit every couple of months!

ThredUp also recently started doing “Goody Boxes” which is a lot like Stitch Fix style boxes but it is not a subscription, they send you more than five items, and it is much cheaper than companies like Stitch Fix. I haven’t tried it yet but I want to!

I plan to start doing a monthly favorites post at the end of every month so if I find any new apps that I feel like I need to share with my friends, they will be included in there!

Have a lovely day,

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