Getting from point A to point B can be quite the tedious task, especially when it involves traveling for long periods of time, no matter what mode of transportation you are using. I do a lot of traveling myself, so I have compiled a list of my travel essentials that I absolutely need while I am on a trip. Enjoy!

  • Headphones. If you can afford them, I highly recommend noise canceling headphones, too! Those are especially helpful on a long flight to drown out noisy neighbors and airplane noises.
  • Podcasts and music. I personally love to listen to podcasts so I download a bunch before I set out. Make sure your music is all ready to go, too!
  • Snacks. Of course snacks are a must because nobody likes to travel with a hangry person or be hangry while traveling! I recommend snacks that are easy to pack in your bag like protein bars and such! If you’re going on an airplane, I don’t recommend bringing anything smelly unless you want people sitting around you to hate you.
  • Sweatshirt. It can get cold whether the airplane is cold or the driver of the car you are in is blasting the AC. Bring a sweatshirt with you!
  • Chargers. Most importantly, your phone charger! Another item that I often travel with is a portable battery pack that will charge my stuff on the go. They don’t cost much and they are so worth it!
  • Personal hygiene items. It sounds kind of silly, especially if you’re going to spend less than a half of a day traveling, but if you ever need deodorant and such, you will be so glad that you have it. I always just pack the little travel sizes so they don’t take up too much room!
  • Advil or whatever you take for headaches. Nothing is worse than traveling with a headache.

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