I have had this master plan built for blog posts and when they are going to publish. I planned out photos, posts, graphics, and the like. Sometimes, however, life gets in the way and things don’t go as planned.

Which is perfectly okay!

Where the heck have I been? What has been going on?!

ENG-456: Communicating Scientific Ideas to Popular Audiences

This was the class I have been taking since the first week of July. I finally finished it this past Sunday and boy, I am so glad to be done with it! I learned quite a few new things, which was awesome, but this class took up a lot of my time and was the main contribution to my lack of blogging consistently.

I am happy to say that I am officially in my senior year of college, with five classes remaining. I am now in a creative writing class which as been going alright so far!


I have been fostering two little kittens, Cleo and Daphne! They are my first fosters and I am hoping that once I prove to Michael that I can foster kittens without keeping them, he will let me foster more often.


These poor babies were abandoned at a local carwash, literally left to fend for themselves. They were small and flea infested so I went out and grabbed them. With the help of other volunteers for the rescue I am fostering for, they are getting healthy, strong, and are acting like little kittens again!

My Husband Is HOME!

Michael is finally home! Which means we are going to start the process of getting ready for our move to Arizona. We are looking for a house to rent, which is a little intimidating because we are literally going in blind here. We aren’t able to tour any houses before we move! YIKES!


Poison Ivy? Allergic Reaction? Dermatitis? Eczema?

Because my skincare seems to always have something interesting happening and I have covered it on my Instagram, I feel the need to put this in here… We still do not know what is going on with my skin!

I went to my primary care doctor last week and was prescribed steroid pills, hydrocortisone cream, and an anti-histamine because we thought it was either an allergic reaction, specifically poison ivy. It cleared up while I was on the steroids and then just recently came back!

This makes us think it is some type of dermatitis so I made an appointment with a dermatologist, which will be happening next week. Definitely hoping to get some answers!

Just Keep Swimming…

So there you all have it! My interesting life lately. I am still working out, eating healthy, and doing well! Prioritizing things in life is an important skill and though my blog hasn’t been up there on the list, I am planning on getting back to writing and publishing posts soon!

Have a lovely day,

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