Many bloggers do this type of post, but to be honest, I might be able to live without these things. I would just have to adjust accordingly. Still, I’ve decided to compile a list of ten things that I use regularly. Ten things that are a huge part of my life for one reason or another.

  1. Phone. I know, this is a typical millennial thing to say. I don’t really care for a lot of social media other than Instagram, but I do a lot of my work from my phone because I am always on the go! I keep lists on my phone of various things, I have my gratitude journal on my phone, and I take most photos with my phone. I keep track of my food intake, workouts, and habits on my phone, too! Honestly, if I didn’t have a computer, I could probably run my life from my phone.
  2. Laptop. Mainly for school and blogging purposes. I have a 4.0 GPA currently and I am in an online program that is writing intensive, so obviously my laptop is pretty important! I also put my final posts together in WordPress on my computer so I can view the way the post will look on the computer.
  3. HydroFlask water bottle. When you live somewhere HOT, a water bottle that keeps liquid cold and doesn’t let the ice melt super fast is key. I have a 34-ounce bottle that I take everywhere with me. Hydration is so important!
  4. Planner. I am always planning, making lists, and the like, so always have my planner close by. My planner helps me stay on task, remember important tasks, and achieve my goals.
  5. Apple Watch. This little gadget has helped me out so much. I can keep track of my heart rate (a huge thing for me when it comes to my anxiety), workouts, schedule, and even my hydration. I can practice my mindful breathing, respond to text messages without even touching my phone, track my sleep, and check the weather. Truthfully, I do not like always having my phone in my hand so my watch helps me check certain things really fast without having my phone close by.
  6. My hard drive. I have a WD Elements hard drive with one terabyte worth of space on it. My life lives on this hard drive. I am building my writing portfolio on it, I have all of my blog posts saved on it, photos, and even paperwork from jobs. I have my client’s workout programs saved on it, too, just in case they lose their copy. It might not be a good idea to store my life on a single hard drive, but these things really are not cheap!
  7. Coffee. Enough said.
  8. Herbalife24’s Rebuild Protein shake. I mean, not only does it taste like chocolate milk, but it really helps with the #gainz.
  9. Workout attire. For obvious reasons.
  10. Books. What a boring life it would be without books!

Have a lovely day,

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