Workout music. We all need it! I don’t think I have ever met someone who can workout without music.

One time when I worked at Anytime Fitness, I accidentally left my headphones on the charger at home. I walked over to the Walgreen’s by my work and bought a cheap pair of earbuds simply because I did not want to go without my music during my workout.

In fact, it is said that music helps with endurance, which I think is why the Air Force lets us listen to our music during the run portion of our physical fitness test.

I used to listen to Pandora, but when I found a deal for students for Spotify Premium, I switched. I LOVE Spotify more than Pandora for many different reasons. The workout playlists seem never-ending!

I have compiled a list of my favorite Spotify workout playlists, with links, for your viewing pleasure. Keep in mind that most of these have explicit content, so do not be alarmed!

This list isn’t in any particular order, but my two favorites on here are Jock Jams and the Britney Body Workout because who doesn’t like old school Britney?

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