June 13 is such a wonderful day.

We got married that day at the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona. That was back in 2015 so yes, today we are celebrating three years of marriage.

Did I ever imagine back then that I would get married at 22 years old? Not really, but things happen when they happen. Some people thought we were rushing into it because we had gotten engaged after eleven months of dating but then we had a year and a half long engagement. I knew I was going to marry Michael about a month into dating him. He was literally perfect for me and still is!

Everyone acts like marriage is the end of the world, especially when you’re young. They tell you, “but you’re so young! You have so much life left!” Are you trying to tell me that marriage equals death?! That I won’t have any more life left if I get married?!

Truth is, when you get married, life doesn’t end. You still get to do everything you want to do. You just have your best friend by your side! It is like having a permanent cheerleader.

Marriage is also not easy. It is not 50/50 like they say. It is often depending on your spouse when you feel down, unmotivated, and discouraged; or the other way around, they depend on you. At your best, it is two people, always giving 100%. It is shared experiences and challenges. Honestly, I think it is a lot of fun.

There is nobody else I would rather take on life with.

During our first year of marriage, Michael got deployed to the Middle East. I won’t lie, that sucked. He missed our first wedding anniversary. I never once doubted though that we would make it through and come out stronger on the other side. It was challenging and I missed him like crazy. We found ways to lessen the pain of missing each other. We would send cute little videos back and forth for each other to wake up to the next morning (or night, for him). He would send me flowers, wine, and even sent me a Lululemon gift card once. I sent him monthly care packages that were all decorated with some sort of theme. I made it a tradition to include some sort of card in them, too. We talked literally whenever we could and I never took those conversations for granted.

When he came home, we went on a two and a half week long vacation. We cruised around the Caribbean and had a blast. We deserved it!

Then it was off to Officer Training School for him, which thankfully was not as long as the deployment but still tough because this was when I was going through being put on an anti-depressant for the first time. He missed my birthday and Valentine’s Day that time. Still, we talked whenever we could and he still made my birthday special.

After graduating, we packed up and moved to Texas where he would go into pilot training. I quit my beloved job at the gym and enrolled in school. I was miserable at first because I missed everything about living in Arizona. He was gone for twelve hours per day and was always focused on training. It was tough!

I found my groove eventually after I began really opening myself up to making more friends and after I started my business. He graduated last month and now we are apart again for more training.

Thankfully we got our second anniversary together. We seem to have an every other year trend going on here.

I wouldn’t have any of this any other way. Three years has gone by so fast. Somehow, I think I am even more in love with him now than I was on the day that I married him.

Marriage is not easy, but it is worth everything.

Have a lovely day,

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