Technology can be absolutely amazing. Sometimes it can be awful. I love it, however, when it comes to health and fitness apps.

I love how I no longer have to keep a notebook with me at the gym to track my workouts. I can track my quality of sleep right on my phone. I can scan a barcode to add an item into my food log. I can even get reminders about drinking water!

I have tried TONS of health and fitness apps. I am always trying new ones that come out as well so I can give an honest review about it plus part of my job as a personal trainer is to stay up to date with trends, which includes these apps.

The following apps are my favorite:



Full disclosure, I actually do not have this app anymore because I no longer use a FitBit! Either way, I love FitBit. I loved being able to have a one stop shop to things like my calorie intake, my steps, my workout, and even how much water I’ve had. If you are looking into getting a FitBit, I highly recommend one of the heart rate tracking ones because those are more accurate as far as how many calories you burn.



Another app that I do not currently have on my phone but I have used it plenty of times in the past! Fitocracy is great for tracking workouts and keeping track of personal records. There are videos to show you how to do a specific exercise and the exercise library is huge. You can follow people and be in groups. The best part about this app, in my opinion, is that you earn points every workout and you can level up. It is like a game!



I have tried tons of calorie counting apps and LoseIt! is my favorite. In fact, I like it so much that I paid to have a premium account. Not only can you track your calories and macros, but there is a social side to the app plus you can keep track of your goals, you can view insights as far as your habits, there are recipes on the app, and you can also input your own recipes for a quick add.



I use the phone app along with my Apple Watch app, so sleep tracking for me is simple! I just have to press “Start” at night when I get into bed and the app on the watch tracks my sleep. When I wake up in the morning, I press “Stop” and sync the data to my phone where I can view the quality of my sleep. When I want the app to wake me up, I do have to turn on the app with my phone so I can tell it what time I want to wake up. Then the watch still does its thing and also tells my phone when the best time is to wake me up between thirty minutes before to the time that I told it I want to wake up. For example, if I set my alarm for 7 am, the app can wake me up between 6:30 and 7. It all depends on where I am at in the sleep cycle!



This app is a wonderful way to form a habit. It is kind of like playing a game with yourself and trying to see how many days in a row you can do a certain thing. I currently have it set for my medication, probiotic, and picking at my arms (that tracker is reverse, it is how long I can go without doing it). You start to feel proud of yourself when you have kept a streak going for a long time but then if you miss it, the count starts over.



This is the app I currently have on my phone. I like many things about it, but mostly that it will tell me what weight I lifted the last time I did a certain exercise. It also has timers and you can program workouts into it (three, if you have the free version like I do, but it is still cool). It is especially helpful if you’re like me and constantly forget which set you’re on because you can check off each set once you’re finished. This also has an Apple Watch app but I have yet to explore it on my watch.



This app is AWESOME. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, but it reminds you to drink water! I often forget for one reason or another, so I have it set to send me reminders every couple of hours. These reminders are often accompanied by a hilarious photo. For example, my most recent reminder had a photo that said, “HYDRATE OR DIE” with a cartoon of a skull. It’s a bit morbid, but hydration is important! This also has an Apple Watch app where I can track my water intake right from my watch. Like I said… AWESOME.



Last, but certainly not least, is the app that I use the most. Zones. This is a heart rate tracking app that I use while I do any sort of physical activity. It tracks your heart rate as well as what zone you are in. It shows how many calories you burn during a workout and it shows you your current heart rate while you are working out. You can also tell it what kind of workout you are doing. You can connect this app to the Health app which is nice because once the Health app detects that I have worked out, it checks that off in the Streaks app. It is all connected!

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