We all have rough mental health days and there is no shame in that. It will happen, no matter how we are doing, how far we are in recovery, if we’ve been taking our medication, or if we even have a mental illness at all.

Sometimes, we just get burnt out or things happen in our lives that get us down.

It is totally okay, just as long as we know what we need to do to help ourselves!

I have ten things that I do when I am having one of these days. The most important thing is that I listen to what I need. Sometimes that means not working out, sometimes it means to workout. Sometimes it means to not talk to anyone, sometimes it means I want to talk to a friend. The most important thing is that we listen to our needs and are not hard on ourselves!

Reading: I love to read. It is a great way to get lost in a story and also to stop having those thoughts about what is happening in reality. I read no matter how I am feeling mentally, but reading is one of the first things I do when I start feeling down. My usual go-to book is any of the Harry Potter books!

Writing: I also love to write (I am sure you had no idea…). I have a journal that I write in whenever I feel like it. I try to write every day but sometimes it just doesn’t workout that way. I also have a journal that I got from Target with writing prompts if I want to write about something specific.


Walking the dog: Sometimes I just need to get out of the house and walk around in the sunshine! This gets me active and gets me some Vitamin D. Zeke loves to walk and sniff everything so I bring him along. I am also that weirdo who talks to their dog while walking.

Watching my favorite movie or TV show: Just like reading, this helps me get out of my mind. I can focus on whatever I’m watching, even if I’ve already seen it. I usually will watch Grey’s Anatomy or Gossip Girl. For movies, I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, La La Land, and any Disney princess movie.

Hand lettering: I have recently started to learn how to hand letter. I don’t think I’m that great at it but I still do it because it is fun and I always get better with practice. I try to do letter drills often, which I enjoy because it is repetitive and I find it therapeutic.

Talking to my husband or best friend: I tell my husband and best friend everything. I used to hide my thoughts and feelings a lot until I realized it wasn’t doing anything good for my mental health. If I have a thought that is really nagging at me, I will tell them what I am thinking and that always helps.

Cleaning: This is so weird, but I LOVE to clean. It is another one of those things that I find extremely therapeutic and it gives me something to do other than sit around.

Sleeping: If I am getting really desperate, I will take a nap. I don’t usually do this unless my anxiety is acting up. Usually when I have bad anxiety, I get nauseous and dizzy so I have to lay down. If I take a quick nap, I usually wake up refreshed and feeling better.

Showering and washing my face: Basic hygiene and taking care of myself boosts my self-esteem which also helps with my mental health. It is very refreshing and can be a huge mood booster for me!

Scrolling through Pinterest: I typically avoid social media when I am feeling down because it often makes me feel even worse. I love Pinterest, though, because it is full of motivational quotes, self care ideas, and tons of other ideas that I’d like to try. Essentially, I use it because it ends up giving me something to think about and something to do!

Have a lovely day,

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