The first post is always weird… Do I just jump right into the content? Do I introduce myself? If I introduce myself, what is the point of an “About” page?

I honestly am a fan of introducing myself, despite the About page. Not everyone reads those. Not everyone will read this, too! I am sure that one year from now, my followers will not go searching through all of my posts for my very first one.

And if you did… props to you!

I am going to try to not mention anything that is in my About page in this post other than a few important notes and then I am going to attempt to write ten very random things about myself!

First of all, my name is Kayla. I am married to my best friend, partner-in-figurative-crime, adventure buddy, and shoulder-to-cry-on. I have two furbabies, a cat and a dog. Fitness and writing are my things (NOOOO YOU DON’T SAY?!).

Ten Things About Myself:

  1. If you ask me what my favorite book is, you will learn that I have seven favorite books. Those seven are the entire Harry Potter series. If you have never read them, I might reconsider our friendship… just kidding… sort of!
  2. I love to organize things for no apparent reason.
  3. All of our furniture is black except our couch, which we need to replace, and we will likely replace it with a black couch.
  4. We are not total TV-heads, but we love the Food Network, Animal Planet, and National Geographic. Those channels are definitely our most-watched!
  5. My favorite place is Maho Beach on the island of St. Maarten. The Sunset Bar and Grill next to the beach has amazing pizza and drinks. You can enjoy standing behind airplanes as they take off from the local airport and you get a gold star if you don’t run into the water due to the sand flying up and hitting you (it feels like needles). I’m kidding, you don’t get a gold star, but you are either crazy or don’t feel any pain!
  6. My least favorite chore is picking up dog poop.
  7. My favorite Disney princess is Cinderella.
  8. I am a weight lifter! My favorite exercises to do are barbell squats, Romanian deadlifts, and traditional deadlifts… yet I hate leg day… weird… Back day is my favorite!
  9. I am not very artistic, other than hand-lettering and photography. I do like to paint, even though my painting often looks like a five year-old did it!
  10. My dog ate a rug back in January and people still joke about it. He will never live that one down!

Have a lovely day,

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